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Earthinks ® 

Solar Inks are driven by a desire to make the most environmentally friendly inks on the planet and meet the demands of clients who are looking to produce a more "sustainable" printed product.

Our vision is an evolution rather than a revolution -  instead of just offering an add on product to our existing range with a token amount of renewable material we decided to devote and develop an entire range of products to suit many different applications from envelopes, corrugated, and labels through to UV inks and screen inks. We utilise several different technologies to do this including soy, starch, sugars, tree resin/rosin, shellacs, dextrins and other polysaccarides, we are also looking to replace the waxes with natural equivalents,  antifoams to natural based and basically replace every ingredient with a natural alternative.

The result is our registered trademark brand of products called "Earthinks" that not only contain the maximum possible levels of sustainable/natural materials but also the lowest levels of synthetic / oil derived materials possible. These inks are glycol free, silicone free, contain no heavy metals and are near zero voc's.

We have registered a dedicated website to provide our clients and their customers with more information on the Earth Inks brand including a logo which can be printed onto any design to show the use of these evolutionary new inks and promote their own envriomental credentials.

Please visit for more information and join the evolution.

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