Dispensing Systems

Solar Inks can offer various dispensing solutions from manual blending for the smaller user through to fully automatic machines, all systems come with complete ink management software and include some of the following benefits:

  • Reduction In Stock Levels
Introducing a dispenser will stop over ordering of pre-blended inks.

  • Re-Work / Recycle Old Inks
Software supplied tracks all material & formula usage and minimises dispensing of fresh products, prompting the user to use or reformulate a previously returned (old) ink.

  • Fast, Precise, Batch-To-Batch Consistency
A batch can be ready in 4-5 minutes from start to finish.

  • Just-In-Time, Right First Time
Confidence in the dispenser to deliver on shade colours allows fresh product to be made only minutes prior to requirement. This ensures in cases of production changes that no product is wasted or over stocked.

  • Cleaner, Safer Workplace
A blend room can change from a place to avoid to a customer showpiece.

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